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Understanding Burnout Part Four

Updated: May 11, 2021

"Just because you take breaks doesn't mean you're broken."

- Curtis T. Jones

Part Four: Understanding And Managing Burnout In Sports

All #athletes , young and old, experience some form of #burnout throughout their career.

Today’s tips on how to manage Caliente (hot) symptoms of burnout:

a. Take #extendedtimeoff Professional athletes have a designated #offseason . #create your off-season. Find time to #play and #laugh , get together with #friends and #family , go on #vacation , do something fun! Make #laughter and #play a priority.

b. Create your #groupofsupport This can include #teammates , #coaches , #trainingstaff , #friends , and #family who you can talk to, vent your frustrations, be a pick me up, and who can help you take your mind off sports.

d. Identify your #preventativecare team that can help you to #recognize , #manage , and #overcome burnout. Having your team of #sportsmedicine physicians, #nutritionist , #sportpsychogist , team #coach , #athletictrainer , #strengthandconditioning coach, and family working with you to identify any medical, physical, mental, dietary, and other areas of stress and concern.

e. Evaluate your current #values , burnout was caused by your value system, so take some time to reevaluate and figure out a better plan to move forward.

f. #restandrelaxation , schedule in times to just veg out and do nothing each day.

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