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At EPIC Sport Mindset, our mission is to help athletes of all levels, from beginners to elite, create, live, and achieve moments of excellence that define their EPIC Journey. 

Developing mastery and achieving excellence is about creating habits that are part of your everyday routine.  To master something, you need to make it a life’s work and a passion as you dedicate each day to strive for excellence.

Jimmy Yoo  Director of Epic Sport Mindset


Hi, I'm Jimmy Yoo, the founder and director of EPIC Sport Mindset.  It's easy to say that sports are my passion.  Even more so than sport, my passion is helping people exceed their perceived potential.  I've been an athlete my whole life, and I've also coached sports teams for 20-plus years. 

I work with athletes, on individual and team based sports, to aim higher and achieve more than they think they can.  The key is in their ability to be passionate, motivated, enjoy the day-to-day experiences, and to ultimately have the support to perform their best. 


I can be a member of your team that helps you to achieve your epic journey.  I can help you get there faster and in a manner that aligns with your values.  

I have a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology and have helped athletes thrive under pressure for over ten years.  I specialize in helping athletes perform their best with passion, grit, and fun! 

To do this, I have created a performance model that combines advanced scientific methods specific to the field of sport psychology along with my personal experiences as an athlete and coach. 

My approach is based on helping athletes develop a peak performance mindset that is geared toward mastery.  The result is a performance plan that allows athletes to train by fully engaging mind and body toward their personal best.  

The beautiful Pacific Northwest is where I call home, along with my wife, two kids, and dog.  We enjoy being outdoors, hiking, camping, skiing, and playing at the beach. 



As an athlete, I suffered a torn ACL my senior year of high school.  At the time, it seemed devastating.  But, I learned a lot from that experience. 


Physically, it taught me how to train smarter and understand that proper nutrition, rest, and recovery are essential parts of an effective training program.


Mentally, I learned that patience, perspective, and focusing on the process are important ingredients that help me to be present in the moment, make split-second decisions in high pressure situations, and to perform with confidence!   

Overall, I recognize that, like athletes, everyone is required to perform on a daily basis.  We all navigate our own competitive environments and sometimes find that we can feel stuck. 


Let me help you get unstuck.  So bring your passion and I'll provide my perspective and experience to help you be the best version of yourself.

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