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Embracing Improvement

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

- John F. Kennedy

Improvement is the motivation for success. Learning something new and making a weakness a strength are fun challenges.

Learning to embrace improvement:

This quote by JFK serves as my reminder that great leaders have a thirst for knowledge. Athletes, whether you are a captain or not, have the ability to lead.

Here are four mindsets that learning based leaders possess:

1. Growth Mindset is the belief that you can change, improve, and grow your personal talent. A growth mindset allows you to take on challenges, give and receive critical feedback, problem-solve, give your best effort, and work toward accomplishing goals.

2. Learning Based Mindset focuses on gathering insights in the moment. It's being present and being able to learn and adjust in real time. When you can just play and perform in the moment, you open your mind up to creativity and improvisation that only happens when you can embrace the moment.

3. Deliberate Mindset is being receptive to and seeking out information. A DM allows you to make more accurate decisions because you take the time to gather all the facts. Therefore, you are more concrete and objective when it comes to processing and decision making.

4. Promotion Based Mindset allow you to focus on success and progress. This outlook is about creating a long term goal. Once that goal is created, the focus shifts toward identifying the process to get there.

Together, these mindsets help you to think positive, persist when faced with challenges and setbacks, focus in the moment, to be more creative when it comes to problem solving, create a process, and to be more compassionate and empathetic as a leader.

In the end, great leaders learn and learning is leading.

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