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The Art of Imagery

Imagery: It’s the most beautiful movie, and every time I relive it I create images and nuances that I want to experience.

- Rickson Gracie

Athletes can combine physical practice with imagery to improve focus and confidence.

*Imagery is where you include your five senses to imagine a situation or skill to be used.

*It is important to activate all of your senses when you use imagery. See the action being performed, hear it, feel it, and even smell it.

*Focus on how you are going to be successful, not on how you are going to fail.

*If you get nervous before competition, imagine yourself getting nervous and then, create steps to manage your feelings and anxieties.

*Like physical training, developing and using mental imagery takes consistent practice and dedication. Take the time to consistently work hard physically and mentally and you will be more focused, confident, and have fun because you will be performing at your best and achieving your goals!

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