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Staying Mentally Healthy

"It's ok not to be ok." - Hayden Hurst

Mental health awareness. Hayden Hurst, NFL football player, is a reminder that it’s important to seeking out help.

Excerpts from an ESPN article on Hayden Hurst and his battle with mental health:

Six years before Hurst was a first-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens, he was a promising pitcher in the Pittsburgh Pirates minor league system who went from throwing 97 miles per hour to not being able to throw the ball straight. He had suddenly developed the "yips," a performance anxiety disorder that affected him so badly that pitches would sail over batters' heads.

Hurst couldn't hold a ball without his hand shaking. He experienced panic attacks. For the better part of three years, he spent his days sitting in a dark room watching TV.

Hurst eventually sought help, and he wants his story to inspire others to do the same. His goal is to educate the younger generation about the necessity to address mental health issues.

By me coming out and I’m supposed to be this rough, tough football player and I can say, "Hey, I have these issues. I went through this,'" Hurst said. "If they can see that, they can relate to it. I don’t think that’s a weakness at all. I’m so comfortable with where I’m at.

Take a moment to read the rest of his story and understand the importance of treating mental health issues and being able to see the signs as family members.

Link to the story

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