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Stand and Declare Your Greatness

"Declare your intentions and speak it out, shout it out, even yell it out till you believe it! Convince yourself that you can do great things!"

- David Negreanu

You can think great things, but you won’t believe it till you stand and declare it!

When you state your dreams, goals, and intentions out loud for the world to hear, it shows commitment and a standard you are setting for yourself.


Oftentimes, the things we say out loud about ourselves are negative or validating negative actions.

Thus, the standard we set is based on being critical of our mistakes and expecting the worst to happen.

If you are this type of person, take some time to define your standards for excellence. Then, start saying those things out loud.

Confidence and inner belief starts with self talk.

So remember, talk the talk so you can walk the walk!

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