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Risk Taking With A Vision

"Visionaries look into the future and see things not through the lens of current reality, but through the lense of future possibility."

- Kara Claypool

How to become a calculated Risk Taker: Part 2

Calculated risk taking needs to be developed. It’s the idea of challenging yourself to be comfortable with the uncomfortable because with risk there is always a chance that you will experience success or failure.

To become a risk taker, it starts with a vision / expectation. A vision is about looking ahead, setting goals, and knowing where you want to go.

As athletes, a vision statement is a reminder of your future goals. It is also a daily reminder of what you need to accomplish each day to reach your goals.

A vision statement should include the following:

1. Motivation, the desire to act. This statement should remind you of why you love what you do.

2. Inspiration, the act of influencing and drawing in. This statement should inspire you to work hard daily.

3. Aspiration, the desire to achieve a high level of success. This statement is to remind you of your ambition to achieve your long term goal.

Nike’s vision statement: to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

Start brainstorming and creating your vision statement! Everything is a constant work in progress so start creating your vision to start creating the best version of yourself!

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