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Putting In The Work

“Keep working, even when no one is watching!”

- Alex Morgan

Coaches say this a lot to athletes in practice.

To take the time to practice, to improve, and to stay focused, especially when a coach isn’t watching or giving feedback.

Coaches hope that at the end of each practice, athletes walk away with what they know the did well and what they need to work on (outside of practice).

How do you do this?

Start by setting personal goals and expectations:

1. Have long term outcome goals (future), monthly outcome goals , and short term outcome goals (weekly and daily). This gives your practices meaning and motivation.

2. Take those outcomes / expectations and create performance goals. These are the things in competition that allow you to build toward your set outcomes. It keeps you focused in the moment and not the end result.

3. Then, create process goals, those little things you need to work on each day to build toward your performance. Those things that keep you focused in practice and when you train outside of practice.

Contact us to help with your goals and motivation to practice better when no one is watching!


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