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Mindset Traps Vs Mindset Tips: Tryouts Part 4

"Don't dwell in the past, don't dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

- Buddha

Trying Out For Competitive Teams: Part 4

Trying out for a competitive team, be it your local community team, a travel team, or a national team, is a stressful experience. It goes against the norms of teamwork, support, and playing for more than yourself. It’s the one moment on a team when you are literally in it for just you.


Mindset traps at tryouts:

1. Trying too hard to impress the coaches. This expectation leads to a perfectionist mindset where the focus is on not making mistakes.

2. Comparing yourself to other athletes. The biggest confidence killer and distraction is worrying about how you compare to others.

3. Worrying about making the team. Focusing on the outcome vs focusing on just playing in the moment.



Mindset tips:

1. Coaches are trying to assess your strengths and weakness to see if you are a good fit for their team. They aren’t there to judge you and rank you from best to worst athlete.

2. Focus on the things in your control. This includes your effort, playing to your strengths, and how you react to mistakes and stressful situations.

3. Stay focused in the moment. If you are worried about the future(I.e., making the team), you aren’t focused on what’s important to perform in the moment.

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