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Learnable Moments

No matter what the competition is, I try to find a goal that day and better that goal.

- Bonnie Blair

Bonnie Blair is a decorated Olympic Speed Skater. She was the first woman to win multiple gold medals at three different Olympics. Her goal was to always strive to reach her personal best. Here's one way you can strive for your personal best each day: Learnable Moments, treat each moment like an opportunity to learn and strengthen your game. Be it a certain aspect of your game: a. skill (like a backhand in tennis)

b. strategy (like running a designed play in basketball)

c. physical (like speed training in cross country)

d. mental (like staying calm and focused in high pressure situations) This way, you can have a personal plan. Your plan gives you things to stay focused on within each moment. With each learnable moment, take detailed notes on your process, like noting what was a success versus a failure. That way, it will be easier to replicate success and improve on moments of failure / mistakes in the future. A lacrosse player I once worked with became highly distracted when his team played against lesser skilled opponents. He would consistently play worse in those moments or what he referenced as playing uninspired lacrosse. When he started applying learnable moments to those types of games, he found his “inspiration.” Here’s what he did one game: His learnable moment was to work on his speed and endurance by attacking and winning every playable 50/50 ground ball. With every ground ball he picked up, his goal was then to sprint (with the ball) as fast as he could to his teams offensive side of the field. Not only did he use this to create scoring opportunities, be it an assist or taking a shot on goal, but he used it as an opportunity to work on his physical speed and endurance. In the end, he felt he played well that game because he was physically exhausted, played aggressive, and he found a challenge within the game that kept him motivated. Remember to create your learnable moments to keep you motivated, focused, and so you can build a blueprint that helps you to learn from your successes and mistakes.


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