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Jar Of Improvement

"The biggest room in your house should be the room for improvement."

- Helmut Schmidt

Improvement is the motivation for success.

Learning something new and making a weakness a strength can be a fun challenge, with the right perspective. Failure and setbacks are part of the journey toward acquiring a new skill and developing mastery of your craft.

Failure is your reminder that you can overcome something and grind it out. Meaning, every time you fail at something, you can make adjustments and try again. Over time, those failures and adjustments lead to improvements that allow you to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Today’s tip:

The Jar of Accomplishments and Forgiveness.

Whenever you accomplish something related to your goals, make a breakthrough with a skill you’ve been working on, or if you felt like you just did something amazing, write it down.

For example, when my son plays Fortnite on the Xbox, he will clip something / record a highlight clip of what he just did. He saves it to his Xbox app so he can watch it later and so he can share it with his friends. Writing down an accomplishment and saving it in your jar is just like clipping it!

It can be hard to let things go when you make mistakes, especially when it’s a costly mistake during a performance. Forgiving yourself when you fail turns failure into an opportunity to improve.

Failure is just a reminder that there is room to make adjustments and improve. So, write down that failure. Then, write down how you plan to improve or learn from that failure, and why you forgive yourself for that failure. This process allows you to let go of your mistakes because you are creating proactive steps to improve.

After you write down your accomplishments and forgiveness, write the date on that piece of paper or post it note, and put it in The Jar.

Use your jar as a way to reflect be it weekly, monthly, yearly, or during those times you lack confidence. Your accomplishments serve as your confidence booster. Your forgivenesses are a way to measure your progress.

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