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Highlight Videos To Fuel Your Intention

"Music is an outburst of the soul." - Fredrick Delius

Highlight videos or pump-up videos are a way of getting focused and motivated before competition and practice.

When done right, a pump-up video serves as your positive affirmations video.

Pump-up videos should highlight your strengths (what you are good at), how hard you have worked to improve (process goals), what you are working toward (long term goals), how you’ve overcome challenges (resilience), who you draw inspiration from (character), and what you are thankful for each day (gratitude).


With software like iMovie it’s easy to create a pump-up video on your phone, tablet, or computer.


Tips for creating your personal pump-up video:

1. Find images of confidence, positivity, and fearless performance. This can include images of you, of other people, or things like symbols and animals.

2. Include images of specific actions, like sinking a free throw, and images of what success looks like to you.

3. Video clips, find video clips of moments that inspire and where you personally performed well.

4. Add your favorite quotes and team mottos.

5. Pick out music from your personal playlist to match the images, videos and quotes.

6. Have the music and message of your pump-up video build up. It should start off slow then build, raising your heart rate and peaking at the end.

7. Your pump-up video is something you watch between warmup and the start of competition.


Your motivation and expectations will change over time. The great thing about video software is that you can save and change up the content whenever you want.


So remember to keep the content fresh and relevant, and make the pump-up video a part of your regular pre-competition and practice routine!

Essentially, it’s a reminder to compete and have fun!

Check out these motivational videos!

Motivational music - limitless

Women’s World Cup ‘19

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