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Getting The Edge When Trying Out For A Team: Part 1

"The chaos doesn't end, you kinda' just become the calm." - Nikki Rowe

Trying Out For Competitive Teams: Part 1

Trying out for a competitive team, be it your local community team, a travel team, or a national team is a stressful experience.

While everyone may be nice before the tryout starts, once that competition whistle blows, it’s dog eat dog because you are competing against everyone for a coveted roster spot.

Tryouts are much different from competition and practice formats:

1. In the moment, no one is your friend. It can be extremely stressful. I.e., in a game like lacrosse where two teams play head to head, you traditionally expect your team to be your support and to play together. While this is the goal within the game, your overall goals in tryouts are to compete against your opponents and stand out from your teammates.

2. Coaches are mainly there to evaluate you. Most of the time, coaches aren’t there to coach you or give you support. They are at ground level to see how you act and react on the field and on the sidelines.

3. You have to fight for playing time. Don’t wait for the coach to call your number, you’ve to protect your place in line and be ready to get in the game at any moment.

4. On the field, seize your opportunity. You may only get one or two moments to shine so be ready, get into the action, and find moments to highlight your skills and be a little selfish.

It’s for these reasons why tryouts are so stressful and overwhelming. Unfortunately, it’s part of the sports environment. As you get to the higher levels and more competitive, it only gets tougher.

Stay tune for more information and tips for successfully competing in tryouts.

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