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Getting Back To Your Original Passion

I see people with talent and all those things, but the one thing they don't have is that love for the sake of just doing it."

- Rodney Mullen

"Recognize where your talent lies, work hard on it, and when you reach the top of your profession, dont forget your roots."

- Tony Hawk

One of my favorite documentaries is on the Bones Brigade.

Two members of the team, Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen both revolutionized skateboarding with their imagination and passion for the sport.

Both reached the pinnacle of their sport, and first retired at the height of their success.


With success, they went from chasing their dreams to chasing wins and avoiding losses. It was during that brief retirement that both realized, if they were going to skate and compete again, they would have to stop chasing success and winning, and instead, get back to focusing on being creativity, imagination, and having fun!

Strive for success, reach for your goals, and remember what made you fall in love with your sport in the first place!

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