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Find Your Fun To Find Your Confidence

When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things. - Joe Namath

What makes sports fun?

Being competitive is part of the fun and enjoyment of sports.

At the heart of enjoying a sport, athletes want to see that they are improving and progressing toward achieving both short term and long term goals.

For example, my son made it a goal in a lacrosse practice to mostly use his weak hand. His second goal was to remind himself of the little things he was doing well whenever he gets frustrated. At the end of practice he admitted practice was challenging and he felt good about his effort.

Secondly, athletes want to have ownership of their sport. This means that they want to be in control of their sport by being able to create their own goals and expectations.

For example, a youth soccer player once told me his favorite part about playing soccer was that his parents knew nothing about the sport, so all they could do was just sit back and cheer him on.

Third, when an athlete can see progress and own his/her expectations, he/she fuels his/her internal fire to play and compete.

When an athlete is having fun, she/he plays relaxed, learns faster, is creative, and is focused on effort.

In the end, these are the ingredients that boost confidence.

If you are struggling to find the fun in sport, contact us.

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