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Failure Gives You Insight

"You learn more in failure than you ever do in success."

- Jay Z

Failure is what gives you insight. And when I think of failure, it’s not the epic failure where your whole performance is a complete flop, it’s those little moments that you learn from each day or each practice that give you insight.

Artists take time to figure out the right lyrics, beats, melody, harmony, the story they want to tell, and the words that help tell their tale.

They don’t get it right on the first try. They are constantly experimenting, putting together the different beats, music, different words, different contexts, till it all sounds right. Even then, they still change it up as the music evolves.

It’s a constant succession of trial, fail, and succeed.

It’s the same for athletes.

For example, let’s take a female golfer who is learning to sink a 20’ putt.

This golfer will take time on the putting green to practice reading the line and finding the right amount of power to sink the putt.

The process:

The golfer uses 10 balls to putt with, putting all 10 balls from the same spot. She starts by taking the time to figure out the right amount of power needed to get the ball to the hole. Then, she takes the time to figure out the right line to the hole. And once she figures this out, she then takes the time to sink as many putts as she can to build consistency.

Sound tedious?

It is, but it’s that constant succession of trial, fail, and succeed that brings about improvement, change, and mastery.

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