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Cue Words That Inspire

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"Do or do not, there is no try."

- Yoda


May the Fourth be with you!

Creating motivational cues are a great way to generate positive emotions and thoughts that are centered on your effort, passion, and goals.


Post these quotes, words, and pictures in places that you will regularly see them. This includes your bedroom, bathroom, locker, a bag tag on your equipment bag, and/or the refrigerator door.

In The Moment:

Cue words and phrases are useful in practice and competition to keep you focused and to help you refocus. Write these on your body or on your equipment so you can see them during competition.

Types of in the moment cue words:

a. Action words like fast, active feet, or explode.

b. Acronyms like WIN (what’s important now) or PAP (patient, aggressive, positive).

c. Instructional cues using letters. For example a fencer 🤺 has the letters Q-A-L written on her shoe to remind her to be quick, aggressive, and loose.

d. Reminders of important people, events, and places that have meaning, like honoring an injured teammate or deceased family member.

In the end, cue words help to build resiliency, to stay focused, and to be motivated.

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