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Creating Culture with VIBE

"Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion."

- Brian Chesky

Creating culture is a whole team investment.

As a team, take time to develop Values, Identity, Beliefs, and Expectations (VIBE).

VALUES are the standards you want to create. Take time to develop values as a coaching staff.

IDENTITY is the attitude you as coaches want your team to have, like putting the team first.

Think it, say it, act it, and be it.

Attitude is infectious, so make sure that you as coaches model the attitude you expect from your team. Team identity is what make values stick.

BELIEFS getting the team to commit to the values and identity takes buy-in.

Make it a collaborative process. The whole team can create performance standards. It’s a list of the do’s and don’t’s.

EXPECTATIONS are the outcome goals that the team wants for the season.

As a group, create the measurable outcomes needed to meet those expectations.

Lastly, once the team goals have been established, have each team member, including the coaches, create their individual goals that will allow everyone to contribute to the team goal(s).

Again, individual goals should reflect and contribute to the overall team goals.

They are the measurable improvements each person needs to make and the commitment he/she is willing to give. Personal contributions are what make the team goal(s) successful.

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