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Create Your Goal Setting Road Map

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

I don’t chase dreams, I hunt goals. -Connor McGregor


Goal-setting is the roadmap to achieving your dreams. It provides focus and keeps you grounded. There are three types of goals that are needed when creating your goal-setting road map 🗺 Outcome Goals: these are the dreams and expectations you set for the future. Instead of being the prize or end result, I like to refer to it as a milestone achievement on your journey toward mastery.

Performance Goals: these are the expectations or benchmarks you create for competition. They are like tests in school. They help track your improvements and identify areas that need more attention.

Process Goals: these are your training goals that you set for each day and week. It’s your process, that one step you make each day that gets you closer to your milestone. This includes your daily training schedule, rest, recovery, and nutrition. Why are these goals important? Process Goals (PrG) are SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE. PrGs are also confidence boosters because they remind you of your hard work and dedication.  Lastly, PrGs develop your muscle memory.  They allow you to compete without needing to overthink and overanalyze in competition. Performance Goals (PeG) are the measuring stick. PeGs set the standards for competition. They are the test to measure what areas you have strengthened and what areas need more attention before the next competition. Without PeGs you wouldn’t know what kind of progress you are making toward  your Outcome Goal. Therefore, PeGs must be ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC, and challenging. Outcome Goals (OG) set the standard of achievement and the milestones you want to meet. OGs are important because they give you a deadline. Because OGs are TIME-BASED, OGs are your main source of motivation and create structure for your PeGs and PrGs. To achieve your next milestone, remember this formula: OG = PrG + PeG If you follow the formula, you’ll create a SMART goal: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Based

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