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Controlling Your Environment With EAR

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"You can't turn the wind, so turn the sail."

- African Proverb

Some great advice on controlling the controllables from Mental Coach Gary Prichard. “If you stop and think about the game of soccer, there are numerous things that we can't control and a number of things we can only influence.” MC Prichard uses the acronym EAR. 👂 E is for effort. Effort is a choice. In any given moment you can choose to give maximum personal effort. Consistent effort leads to increased success. A is for attitude. Once again, attitude is a choice. There's nothing that will make you more successful in your soccer career or in your life than having a positive attitude. Attitude is all about how we choose to see everything that happens to us. R is for response. We control how we choose to R-espond to everything that happens to us out on the field and in our lives. The “BIG Picture lesson”  here is understanding that controlling the controllable isn’t just about the game of soccer. All through your life you’re going to have things happen to you that you have no control over. You must practice recognizing what you can and can’t control and influence. Remember EAR and it’s your choice how you choose Effort, Attitude and how to Respond to everything that happens to you in life. #controllable #mindset #effort #attitude #response #sportsmindset #sportpsychology #epicsportpsychology

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