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Competition Preparation and Mindset

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"Competitive golf is played mainly on a five and a half inch course...the space between your ears."

- Bobby Jones

The final round!

Today’s mindset tips for the day of Masters Play.

Rest and Recovery Are Key

In sports like golf, where competitions can go on for several days, it’s important to create a routine for each day to maximize your rest and recovery.

1. A consistent R and R routine can help you avoid mental exhaustion each day. It’s like setting the reset button so you can start fresh.

2. Eliminate stress

Find ways to de-stress and clear your mind each day. Whether it be meditation, a walk in the morning, or just listening to music. Create a habit to clear your mind so you can dedicate your focus to just the task at hand.

3. Visualize your success

Take time each day to visualize your success. Visualization can help you create that deep rooted belief that you can compete and perform at your best. Your mindset allows your body to perform.

In Competition Tips:

a. 10 Step or 10 Yard Rule

Tiger Woods has a strategy where he has ten steps or ten yards to vent his frustrations and dwell on that last shot. Then he lets it go and moves on to his next shot.

b. Between shots, take a mental timeout by not thinking about your next shot till you get to your ball. Some golfers like to sing to themselves or just look up at the sky to clear their head between shots.

c. Treat each shot as a new challenge. It is one way to keep your mind focused on the task at hand.

d. If your shot doesn’t land where you expect, focus on the small positives. There is always something you can remind yourself that you did well. Putting together a successful outcome starts with the little successes that you can string together.

It’s all about perspective and self talk. Make it positive and purposeful.

e. Final Stretch

It’s common to hear coaches tell athletes to finish strong. With sports like distance running and basketball, it about that final surge of energy.

For golf that final push involves staying balanced with emotions and keeping calm and collected.

These tips are a reminder be mindful of the present moment rather than allowing your mind to think about past actions or future outcomes. You can only control the present moment.

So take it one moment at a time!

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