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Channeling Your Inner Superhero

Nerves are natural, it means you are ready to face a challenge and perform.

- Dan Carter

In competitive environments be it before a sports competition, a test in school, or a important meeting at work, we can get nervous.

Our body reacts with responses like a tingle in the stomach, fluttering of the hands, or tightness in the shoulders.

Take a moment to identify how your body responds...

Our mind dictates how we interpret those physiological actions.

We can choose to interpret it as signs of self doubt and fear OR confidence and excitement!

To perform at our best, we need to focus on the things that get us excited, that help us focus on what’s important for performance, and what’s in our control.

Channel your inner superhero, positive thoughts, and process oriented thoughts as a reminder that those physiological responses are of excitement and willingness to rise up to the challenge and perform on game day!

To help you develop your game day response, contact us!


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