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Being The Best Version of You

"Champions become champions, not in just how hard they train, but also, and more importantly, what they train in."

- Sijo James W. DeMile

Sijo James W. DeMile is a first generation student under the legendary Bruce Lee. DeMile has dedicated his life to the art of Wing Chun and legacy of Bruce Lee.

Some quotes to share from Sijo DeMile: “Bruce (Lee) believed you had to throw away any label, to be the best at anything, and search for the elements to reach your goal.”

When reflecting on what he refers to as the Original Seattle Group:

“We were mostly street fighters and spent many hours creating phantom fights and breaking them down in many pieces for discussion. The group did not evolve their questions from gung fu or any one style, and there was no one person in charge...... This approach to training was not only very useful, but a lot of fun! It was this close interaction that helped us bond together as training partners and friends.”

“No one style has the answers for any individuals search for becoming the best. You must be ready to open any door, ask any question in your quest for excellence. I do not have answers, I only have information. It becomes an answer if it works for you.”

Celebrating two great masters and their legacy to the martial arts!

So remember, seek out information, think outside the box, find your answers, and strive to become the best version of you!

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