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Putting Ideas Into Action

"Everyone who's ever taken a shower has an idea. It's the person who gets out of the shower, dries off, and does something about it who makes a difference." - Nolan Bushnell

Coming up with an idea is the first step to create change. The challenge is to take that idea and physically act on it. For athletes, this can be acquiring a new skill or trying to replicate a past performance.

Ideas 💡 In Action

i. If you have an idea write it down.

ii. Create the blueprint by imagining the details needed to carry out your idea.

iii. Put your ideas into action. The only way you will know if that idea is good, is to try it out.

Experience is 🔑:

a. Ideas are just thoughts until you physically put them into action. You won’t fully understand the possibilities and outcomes until you do it.

b. Learn from your experiences. Figure out what went well, what was challenging, and what absolutely flopped.


You can choose to accept the flops as emotional scars. Where you flood your brain with self defeating thoughts like feel embarrassed and/or fear of re-experiencing that type of failure.


On the other hand, that flop can also be seen objectively. You can look at it as a chance to learn and as taking a step toward future success.


If you can’t accept the flop, you won’t fully enjoy the success you achieve.

Why? If you can’t expect and accept failure as part of the process, you won’t strive for success. Instead, you will only strive to be good enough.

c. Reflect, understand what made your idea successful or unsuccessful.

In the end, the more you put your ideas into action, the more knowledge you gain from the experience. The more knowledge you gain, the more vivid your ideas and imagination will become!

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