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Humility Builds Confidence: Playoff Moments Part 6

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own." - Bruce Lee

When athletes hear the word playoffs, it gets the mind racing. The thoughts can include, every game is do or die, there is more meaning behind each moment, more people are watching, and there is a lot of expectation!

Playoff Moments Part 6:

Humility, to be humble as an athlete means having inner confidence and trust in your abilities. It also means, being comfortable with your personal strengths and weakness. Humble athletes are internally motivated and strive to grow and improve.

Humility also means that an athlete is comfortable being vulnerable. This includes accepting failure as part of growth, have a willingness to discuss failures with others, and being able to ask for help.

In the end, humble athletes have no regrets because they accept where they are right now. They don’t regret that they didn’t work harder in practice or wish they could have done more in competition. They aren’t overconfident or cocky because they remind themselves of the hardwork and sacrifice it took to get to where we are right now.

Be humble to be motivated and mindful of the present moment!

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