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Creating Your Bounce Back Routine: Playoff Moments Part 5

"To be the best, you must know how to handle the worst." - Wilson Kanadi

Playoff Moments Part 5:

Routines are at the foundation for developing a competitive mindset and consistent optimal performance.

Today, we will cover the bounce back routine. A bounce back routine is a way of quickly recovering from a mistake or bad play.

To consistently perform at your best, it’s important to stay focused in the present moment and on the task at hand.

Mistakes happen all the time, be it in practice or in competition.


Here are tips to help you create your bounce back routine and stay present.

1. Label that thought and feeling. The quicker you defined it, the quicker you can move on.

2. Own it, take responsibility for the mistake, don’t dwell on it or put the blame on others. It’s just a distraction so own it and move on.

3. Focus on your successes not your failures. Success breeds success. Focus on the things you are doing well and build your confidence.

4. Create a refocusing cue.

There are three types of cues and the way you are able to learn things. Identify your style of learning and create your cue.

i. Visual, you have to see it to own it.

E.g., a figure skater ⛸ draws a symbol of her horoscope sign (Leo) to remind her to stay strong and to be brave.

ii. Kinesthetic, this is where you need an action or feel it to own it.

E.g., a fencer 🤺 stopping to tie his shoe to remind him to calm down.

iii. Auditory, you’ve gotta say it or hear it to own it. Create a cue word or mantra to say, like a lacrosse player telling herself to shake it off.

5. Mistakes and successes don’t define you, they are teachable moments.


Learn from these teachable moments and create habits that help you to stay focused on the things that help you and are controllable in the moment.

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