Coaches Mindset: The Art of Discipline

"The distance between dreams and reality is DISCIPLINE."

- Anonymous

To be disciplined, you need to take every opportunity to learn, create, imagine, and challenge yourself.

As a lacrosse coach, I made this analogy to my high school team.

Think of drills and skills sessions in practice like being in class taking notes. Learn and highlight what the coaches are teaching and emphasizing.

Think of scrimmages and game situations in practices like quizzes in class. Lastly, think of games /competition like taking tests.

A lot of times we just look at tests and quizzes, and scrimmages, in practice game situations, and games merely for the outcome, be it the grade you receive or winning.

Instead, think of tests and quizzes, and scrimmages, in practice game situations, and competition as testing your knowledge and seeing how much you have developed your game.

This way, you can identify what your strengths are and what little tweaks you need to make before the next scrimmage, in practice game situation, and competition.

A mindset of mastery is a way to focus on improvement and sharpen your skills. It’s also about finding that spark, that interest, that passion for why you want to learn it and improve on it.

Find your passion to find your discipline!


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