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Coaches, Athletes, and Parents Creating The Standard

Never look down on anyone, unless you are helping them up.

- Anonymous

True leaders and athletes with character know that there needs to be respect and sportsmanship between teammates, opponents, and even the officials / referees.

Sportsmanship and respect starts with the coach. Coaches create an environment with high standards and practice what they preach.

Athletes, think of someone you respect in your sport, someone you’d consider an ambassador of your sport. This can be a professional athlete or even someone on your team. Pick out the characteristics that make them respected by you and your peers.

Hold yourself to those same high standards and expectations by carrying yourself in the same light.

Parents, reinforce the ideals and expectations that you expect from your child(ren) as well. And again, practice what you preach. Also, if a coach hasn’t conveyed his / her expectations and ideals to the team, ask them and reinforce them as well. At the end of the day, your child athlete just wants you to cheer them on. So be their biggest cheerleader and not a harsh critic.

As athletes, coaches, and parents, respect yourself, hold yourself to high standards, and find the fun in everything you do. Attitude is infectious, so choose to look up, rather than looking down.

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