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Building Self-Confidence and Authenticity

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"Everyday of my life, I'm trying to find a different way to get better." - Ray Lewis

Building self-confidence is based on hard work and dedication. You can’t fake it and you can’t pretend to be someone you are not.

Tips to build self confidence and to be authentic to you:

1. Put in the time and pay your dues. At the foundation, you need to develop the skills necessary to perform. That includes making mistakes, stumbling, and fumbling till you start understanding how to do something effectively. You can only learn by doing.

2. Readiness checklist. Before each practice and competition, remind yourself of your strengths, what you are doing well, and how you are prepared. It’s easy to forget, so remind yourself of how you are working hard and doing good work!

3. Be you and focus on you. Don’t get stuck comparing or looking for reasons why you won’t play well each day. Focus on your strengths and play your game. The best athlete or team doesn’t win the game, the most confident and composed do.

4. WIN the moment. WIN stands for what’s important now. Focus on the things that help you to play well vs focusing on distractions like the referee, weather, field conditions, past, or outcomes.

5. Positive and competitive self talk. At our best, we can only focus on one thing at a time. So focus your words and thoughts on how to be successful, and to play effectively and efficiently.

6. Track your successes vs dwelling on failures. Progress starts by owning your small successes. Capture your little successes each day by writing them down or recording them on your phone. Review them daily and add them to your readiness checklist.

7. Be your own best coach. The best coaches are caring, forgiving, positive, and provide feedback that is helpful. Be your own best coach so you can strive to be the best version of you!

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