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To Speed Up Progress, You Need To Slow It Down

"The bigger it is, the slower you need to move." - Laird Hamilton

Reflections on the Corona-Quarantine

As life slowly gets back to normal or the new normal, let's take a moment to understand how to take it slow. Bingeing has been the natural reaction for many, be it binge watching the news, hoarding supplies like toilet paper, or cooking as many new things as you can each day. It’s a form of control, especially in uncertain times. Prolonged bingeing leads to murky waters. You can only binge for so long before you crash, lose motivation, and stop doing anything. Or at least you feel like you’ve lost motivation and desire.

Slow it down:

a. Curb that need to binge by creating a list of things you want to accomplish/do.

b. Quality over quantity: Don’t rush through things just to check it off your list.

c. If you are learning something new, be MINDFUL by taking the time to see the mistakes you are making and to correct those mistakes. It’s harder to go back and correct a bad habit than it is to take the time to learn it the right way.

d. Spending the time to do one thing correctly will create the habit to do the next thing correctly as well.

e. Celebrate your successes. As small as they may seem, remember to celebrate your successes and progress each day.

In the end, take control by focusing on the little things that fuel you to grow and to stay motivated!

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