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Performance Mindset Coaching for athletes, coaches and highly motivated people.

At EPIC Sport Mindset, we deliver mental training for athletes, coaches, and highly motivated people who are passionate about excelling in their sport and in life. 

We'll help you CREATE - LIVE - ACHIEVE moments of excellence that define your epic journey of achievement.  The essential ingredients to mastering anything are...passion and dedication.  You bring your vision and we'll help cultivate your passion and dedication.  You are on your way to mastery!

Mental Skills Coach


Hi, I'm Jimmy Yoo, the founder and director of EPIC Sport Mindset

It's easy to say that sports are my passion.  Even more so than sport, my passion is helping people exceed their perceived potential.  I've been an athlete my whole life, and I've also coached teams for 20-plus years.


I work with athletes in a variety of sports to help them aim higher and achieve more than they think they can.  The key is in your ability as an athlete to be passionate, motivated, enjoy the day-to-day experience, and to ultimately have the support to perform your very best.  You don't have to be alone on your journey.  I can help you get there faster and in a manner that aligns with your values. 

I have a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology and have helped athletes thrive under pressure since 2010.  I specialize in helping athletes perform their best with passion, grit, and fun! 


Individualized Support
and Accountability


Training To Fit Your Schedule


Culture and Leadership Building to Elevate Your Team

Epic Book Series

Sports Journals designed to help you elevate your game!


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Jimmy Yoo has helped shape our volleyball team’s mental toughness throughly. His ability to listen, comfort our players and share useful techniques has enhanced our team’s compatibility as friends and teammates. He has challenged our comfort zone and pushed us to stretch our “mental muscles.” We are forever grateful for the help that Jimmy has provided us and we will continue to seek his guidance and support!

NCAA Head Coach, Volleyball

sports psychology

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.  Your attitude determines your results”

Henry Ford


Performance Mindset Coaching for Athletes and Highly Motivated People

CREATE - LIVE - ACHIEVE moments of excellence

that define your epic journey of achievement.  


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