Inspire Physical Therapy

Robin Bousquet PT, MPT, SCS, CMP

Robin has been a licensed physical therapist since 1997 obtaining her Master's Degree in Physical Therapy from Western University. Inspire Physical Therapy is her dream and passion....to heal kids and athletes, as well as, help educate parents, coaches, and kids on how to avoid and prevent injuries. 


At ACE GOLF, we don’t believe there is one way to swing a club; we believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for everyone to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do.


Oregon Elite Tennis is designed for competitive junior players at the advanced or intermediate level. We help students define and achieve their goals while emphasizing the fundamentals of tennis through footwork, proper stroke technique, and mental toughness. As each player grows their game, they are held accountable for putting forth their utmost effort while positively influencing their peers. All classes are held at the Babette Horenstein Tennis Center (formerly Tualatin Hills Tennis Center).