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Overcoming Fear

I don't run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run toward it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet.

- Nadia Comaneci

Fear can be that thing that holds us back and keeps us from accomplishing our dreams. Fear has various emotions that we attach to it, depending on what we want to accomplish.

The next time you are staring fear in the face, use the following tips to help you overcome your fears.

a. Worst Case Scenario

Think about and accept the worst case scenario. If you can’t accept the worst as an outcome, you shouldn’t do it. On the other hand, once you come to grips with it you can let it go. Defining it and accepting it allows you to move on and focus on success.

b. Imagine Success

Imagine all the little things that bring about success when performing a skill. When you imagine success, you are wiring your brain for success.

c. Failure Is Part Of The Process

Failure and success are just two different ways of looking at things. Choose the latter and remember mistakes are part of the process for success.

d. Fear Checklist

Once you accept failure as part of the process, create a checklist of all your fears. Then, face each fear one by one. Munchable chunks, overcome your fears one at a time vs trying to face them all at once.

e. Fuel Your Inner Fire

Remember what it feels like to overcome each fear. Embrace those moments and use them as fuel to maximize your successes and to remind you of what you are capable of when you put in the hardwork and effort.

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