Create The Rhetoric To Create The Mindset

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” - Viktor Frankl

Create The Rhetoric To Create The Mindset

It’s been crazy couple of years filled with chaos, uncertainty, negativity, self-doubt, and worry. On the other hand, it represents a time of great challenge that has lead to change, awareness, and awakening. With the conclusion of the current US presidential elections, we have seen the changing of rhetoric from chaos, hate, and selfishness; to unity, optimism, and compassion.

As athletes, you can choose your personal rhetoric. For example, you can choose to speak and think with negativity, fear, hate, and/ or worry; which leads to a mindset of doom and gloom.


You can choose to speak and think with positivity, optimism, and purpose; thus leading to a mindset of change, passion, and fighting for what you hold dear to your heart.

Aristotle defines rhetoric in three ways, Ethos, Lagos, and Pathos:

a. Ethos is your character and ethics. Write down your code of ethics and your character as a person. This is based of family, community, culture etc… it’s the virtues you live by. Think about the character traits that are important to you as a person and as an athlete; i.e., hardworking, honest, passionate, and patient.

b. Logos is your logic and reasoning. It’s why you do it. Write down why your sport is important to you, set a long term goal (as short as a season or a year, and as long as five years down the road). E.g., if I dedicate the season toward working hard and improving my game, I will get quicker, faster, stronger, and more skillful!

c. Pathos is your emotion and passion based reasons why you love your sport. Write down why you love your sport. It’s the qualities that arouse certain emotions, traits, and/or past experiences that are personal, motivational, and make you passionate about your sport.

Now that you have written down your words that define your character, your reasoning, and your passion, post them in your locker, on your bathroom mirror, on the home screen of your phone. Use them as reminders of why’s that are optimistic, positive, and purposeful. You are what you think, and what you think is what you will believe!

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